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Publication numberCA2207158 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2207158
Publication date24 Jan 1998
Filing date6 Jun 1997
Priority date24 Jul 1996
Also published asCA2207158C, CN1089989C, CN1177269A, DE19726603A1, DE19726603B4, US5717307
Publication numberCA 2207158, CA 2207158 A1, CA 2207158A1, CA-A1-2207158, CA2207158 A1, CA2207158A1
InventorsShakil H. Barkat, Michael S. Cruz, Richard Ng
ApplicantMotorola, Inc., Shakil H. Barkat, Michael S. Cruz, Richard Ng, Motorola Mobility, Inc., Motorola Mobility Llc, Google Technology Holdings LLC
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Apparatus and method for identifying the type and brand of a battery for a portable device
CA 2207158 A1
Portable apparatus or device (100) is a portable cellular radiotelephone, which is powered by main and auxiliary batteries (101, 102) in an operating state. The main and auxiliary batteries (101, 102) include respective memories (402, 410) for storing a 64- bit registration number and 1024 bits of data for identifying the type and brand of such batteries which are known to be reliable and safe for both operating and charging modes of operation. Memories (402, 410) store a laser-engraved 64-bit registration number and 1024 bits of data. In order to uniquely identify the batteries (101, 102), the 64-bit registration number includes a twelve-bit brand code having a predetermined brand code value and an eight-bit type code having a predetermined type code value, and the 1024 bits of data include a unique multi-character message. By identifying the unique brand code, type code and multi-character message when a battery is inserted into portable device (100), it can be insured that the portable device (100) will be operated with a reliable and safe battery. Otherwise, the portable device is turned off and the battery is not charged.
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International ClassificationH04B7/26, H04B1/40, H02J7/00, H01M10/44, H01M10/48, H02J7/04, H01M10/42, H02J7/02
Cooperative ClassificationY10T307/826, H01M10/44, H01M10/48, H02J7/0004
European ClassificationH01M10/48, H02J7/00B1, H01M10/44
Legal Events
6 Jun 1997EEERExamination request
8 Aug 2017MKEXExpiry
Effective date: 20170606