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Publication numberCA2197830 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2197830
Publication date20 Aug 1997
Filing date18 Feb 1997
Priority date20 Feb 1996
Also published asCA2197830C, EP0791331A1, US5814070
Publication numberCA 2197830, CA 2197830 A1, CA 2197830A1, CA-A1-2197830, CA2197830 A1, CA2197830A1
InventorsRocco R. Borzone, John S. Crombie, David L. Nelson
ApplicantStryker Technologies Corporation, Rocco R. Borzone, John S. Crombie, David L. Nelson, Howmedica Inc.
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Suture Anchor and Driver
CA 2197830 A1
A suture anchor and driver device is described that is designed to secure a suture anchor to a bone in a patient to allow soft tissue or the like to be secured to the bone. The suture anchor itself engages the suture along the length of a passage that passes through the diameter of the distal end of the suture anchor, providing for a relatively large area of engagement to minimize stress on the suture material. The driver is designed to engage the suture anchor and guide the suture material along outside surface of the driver.
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International ClassificationA61B17/04, A61B17/00, A61B17/56
Cooperative ClassificationY10S606/916, A61B17/0401, A61B2017/0046, A61B2017/044, A61B2017/00004, A61B2017/0409, A61B2017/0414
European ClassificationA61B17/04A
Legal Events
18 Feb 1997EEERExamination request
18 Feb 2004MKLALapsed