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Publication numberCA2122829 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2122829
PCT numberPCT/US1992/009740
Publication date27 May 1993
Filing date9 Nov 1992
Priority date18 Nov 1991
Also published asCA2122829C, EP0679206A1, US5205728, US5366371, WO1993010398A1
Publication numberCA 2122829, CA 2122829 A1, CA 2122829A1, CA-A1-2122829, CA2122829 A1, CA2122829A1, PCT/1992/9740, PCT/US/1992/009740, PCT/US/1992/09740, PCT/US/92/009740, PCT/US/92/09740, PCT/US1992/009740, PCT/US1992/09740, PCT/US1992009740, PCT/US199209740, PCT/US92/009740, PCT/US92/09740, PCT/US92009740, PCT/US9209740
InventorsMomtaz N. Mansour
ApplicantMomtaz N. Mansour, Manufacturing And Technology Conversion International, Inc.
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A process and apparatus using a pulse combustor for atomizing liquids and slurries
CA 2122829 A1
The apparatus includes a pulse combustor (10, 12, 14, 18) for generating a stream of atomization fluid and an oscillating flow yield and introduction apparatus (20) for introducing to the influence of the oscillating stream of atomization fluid a liquid or a slurry to be atomized.
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International ClassificationF23D1/00, B05B1/08, F23D11/10, F23C6/04, F23C15/00
Cooperative ClassificationF23C6/047, F23C15/00, F23D1/005, F23D11/10, F23C2201/301
European ClassificationF23C6/04B1, F23D11/10, F23D1/00B, F23C15/00
Legal Events
10 Jul 1998EEERExamination request
10 Nov 2008MKLALapsed