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Publication numberCA2119774 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2119774
PCT numberPCT/US1992/008181
Publication date1 Apr 1993
Filing date24 Sep 1992
Priority date24 Sep 1991
Also published asCA2119774C, DE69227839D1, DE69227839T2, DE69230697D1, DE69230697T2, EP0605650A1, EP0605650A4, EP0605650B1, EP0871042A1, EP0871042B1, EP0960961A1, US5204681, US5291205, US5891240, WO1993006504A1
Publication numberCA 2119774, CA 2119774 A1, CA 2119774A1, CA-A1-2119774, CA2119774 A1, CA2119774A1, PCT/1992/8181, PCT/US/1992/008181, PCT/US/1992/08181, PCT/US/92/008181, PCT/US/92/08181, PCT/US1992/008181, PCT/US1992/08181, PCT/US1992008181, PCT/US199208181, PCT/US92/008181, PCT/US92/08181, PCT/US92008181, PCT/US9208181
InventorsMorton Greene
ApplicantMorton Greene, American Product Development Corporation, Gordian Holding Corporation
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Radio frequency automatic identification system
CA 2119774 A1
A radio frequency automatic identification system detects targets which include solid resonators (12) resonating at several frequencies, attributing information to the frequencies at which the target resonates. Preferred resonators are quartz crystals, which may be made by a process of heating quartz to soften it and cutting crystals to approximate size and resonant frequency. Resonators produces by such a process are measured to determine their actual resonant frequency, and preferably the crystals are sorted into predetermined frequency windows in accordance with their measured resonant frequency. A set of resonators (12a-12n) having frequencies corresponding to predetermined data is selected from the sorted groups of resonators and incorporated into a target. The preferred target is an ink-like material having a plurality of resonators disposed in a matrix which is radio frequency transparent at the frequency of interest. Targets are preferably detected by repetitively sweeping the frequency of the interrogating signal through a range which includes the information-bearing range of the system.
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International ClassificationG01S, C30B29/18, G06K7/00, G06K19/07, G08B13/24, G06K19/067, C30B33/00, G06K7/10, G01S13/75
Cooperative ClassificationC30B29/18, Y10T117/1008, Y10S117/902, G06K7/0008, C30B33/00, G06K7/10009, G08B13/2445, G08B13/2482, G08B13/244, G08B13/2471, G08B13/2422, G08B13/2414, G06K19/07, G01S13/753, G06K19/0672, G06K19/0723, G08B13/2442, G08B13/2417
European ClassificationG08B13/24B1M, G08B13/24B1G, C30B33/00, G08B13/24B3M2, G08B13/24B7A1, G08B13/24B1G1, G08B13/24B3M1, G08B13/24B3M3, G08B13/24B7M, G06K19/07, G06K7/00E, G01S13/75C2, G06K7/10A, G06K19/07T, G06K19/067Q
Legal Events
11 Sep 1996EEERExamination request
24 Sep 2010MKLALapsed