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Publication numberCA2117176 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2117176
PCT numberPCT/US1993/006320
Publication date20 Jan 1994
Filing date2 Jul 1993
Priority date10 Jul 1992
Also published asCA2117176C, EP0607391A1, US5324255, US5474530, WO1994001047A1
Publication numberCA 2117176, CA 2117176 A1, CA 2117176A1, CA-A1-2117176, CA2117176 A1, CA2117176A1, PCT/1993/6320, PCT/US/1993/006320, PCT/US/1993/06320, PCT/US/93/006320, PCT/US/93/06320, PCT/US1993/006320, PCT/US1993/06320, PCT/US1993006320, PCT/US199306320, PCT/US93/006320, PCT/US93/06320, PCT/US93006320, PCT/US9306320
InventorsJames D. Passafaro, Robert J. Siegel, Henry Nita, Douglas H. Gesswein
ApplicantJames D. Passafaro, Robert J. Siegel, Henry Nita, Douglas H. Gesswein, Baxter International Inc., Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.
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Ultrasonic Angioplasty and Ablative Devices for Treating Vasospasm
CA 2117176 A1
A catheter device (10) incorporating combined ultrasound ablation and balloon dilation components. The catheter device (10) generally comprises an elongate catheter body (12) having proximal and distal ends (14,16) and an outer surface (18). Disposed on the outer surface (18) of the catheter body (12) is a dilation balloon (98).
At least one balloon inflation lumen (70) fluidly connects the proximal end (14) of the catheter body (12) to the dilation balloon (98) to permit injection of inflation fluid into the dilation balloon (98). Extending longitudinally through the catheter body (12) is an ultrasound transmission member (28) having a proximal end and a distal end, with the proximal end being connectable to an ultrasound transducer (12) such that ultrasonic energy will pass through the ultrasound transmission member (20) to the distal end thereof. In alternative embodiments of the present invention, there are provided catheter devices incorporating combined ultrasound ablation and laser ablation components as well as combined ultrasound ablation and atherectomy ablation components.
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Legal Events
11 Jul 1994EEERExamination request
3 Jul 2001MKLALapsed