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Publication numberCA2086430 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2086430
PCT numberPCT/US1991/004552
Publication date4 Jan 1992
Filing date2 Jul 1991
Priority date3 Jul 1990
Also published asCA2086430C, DE69129233D1, DE69129233T2, EP0543893A1, EP0543893A4, EP0543893B1, US5027401, WO1992001278A1
Publication numberCA 2086430, CA 2086430 A1, CA 2086430A1, CA-A1-2086430, CA2086430 A1, CA2086430A1, PCT/1991/4552, PCT/US/1991/004552, PCT/US/1991/04552, PCT/US/91/004552, PCT/US/91/04552, PCT/US1991/004552, PCT/US1991/04552, PCT/US1991004552, PCT/US199104552, PCT/US91/004552, PCT/US91/04552, PCT/US91004552, PCT/US9104552
InventorsJohn A. Soltesz
ApplicantJohn A. Soltesz
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System for the secure storage and transmission of data
CA 2086430 A1
A system for the secure storage and transmission on data utilizes a visual algorithm to encode sensitive data in a secure manner on a data carrier. A camera (2) digitizes the image of a subject (4).
The camera output is received at the encoder (6), where it is fed into a scrambler (8) and a transmitter (10). The transmitter sends the scrambled data to the recorder (12). The image data are scrambled one color at a time, with the scrambling instructions being encoded in the pixels themselves. A character assigned to each color is used for additional verification of the authorization of the user during decoding.
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International ClassificationG06K19/10, G06K17/00, G06T9/00, G07C9/00, G06Q40/00, H04N1/44, G06K19/14, G07F7/08, G09C5/00, G09C
Cooperative ClassificationG07F7/086, G07C9/00079, G09C5/00, G06K19/14
European ClassificationG07C9/00B6D2, G09C5/00, G06K19/14, G07F7/08B
Legal Events
30 Jun 1998EEERExamination request
2 Jul 2002MKLALapsed