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Publication numberCA2083796 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2083796
Publication date28 May 1993
Filing date25 Nov 1992
Priority date27 Nov 1991
Also published asCA2083796C, DE59100439D1, EP0549817A1, EP0549817B1, US5307704
Publication numberCA 2083796, CA 2083796 A1, CA 2083796A1, CA-A1-2083796, CA2083796 A1, CA2083796A1
InventorsPeter Michel, Karlheinz Muller
ApplicantPeter Michel, Karlheinz Muller, Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
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Adjustment drive
CA 2083796 A1
To simplify the design and assembly of an adjustment drive with a gear wheel mounted to rotate in a gear housing with a gear housing lid and with a driver provided with a power take-off element (e.g., a pinion) being in a drive connection with it on the output side, directly or indirectly, present invention provides that the driver is simultaneously structured as a power take-off shaft and is mounted to rotate with at least one bearing region in the gear housing or in the gear housing lid, respectively. In a further embodiment, the gear wheel is a one-piece component of the driver and is preferably placed into a drive connection with it via spring web type spokes in the form of tangential stop damping.
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International ClassificationF16H1/16, E05F15/16
Cooperative ClassificationE05Y2900/55, Y10T74/19828, E05F15/697, F16H1/16, Y10T74/19633
European ClassificationF16H1/16, E05F15/16C5
Legal Events
20 Jul 1999EEERExamination request
27 Nov 2006MKLALapsed