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Publication numberCA2067217 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2067217
PCT numberPCT/US1990/005868
Publication date11 Apr 1991
Filing date10 Oct 1990
Priority date10 Oct 1989
Also published asCA2067217C, DE69033681D1, DE69033681T2, EP0495901A1, EP0495901A4, EP0495901B1, US5136687, WO1991006055A1
Publication numberCA 2067217, CA 2067217 A1, CA 2067217A1, CA-A1-2067217, CA2067217 A1, CA2067217A1, PCT/1990/5868, PCT/US/1990/005868, PCT/US/1990/05868, PCT/US/90/005868, PCT/US/90/05868, PCT/US1990/005868, PCT/US1990/05868, PCT/US1990005868, PCT/US199005868, PCT/US90/005868, PCT/US90/05868, PCT/US90005868, PCT/US9005868
InventorsGerald M. Edelman, George N. Reeke, Jr.
ApplicantGerald M. Edelman, George N. Reeke, Jr., Neurosciences Research Foundation, Inc.
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Categorization automata employing neuronal group selection with reentry
CA 2067217 A1
An apparatus capable of sensing the presence of objects in its environment, categorizing these objects without a prior description of the categories to be expected, and controlling robotic effector mechanisms to respond differentially to such objects according to their categories. Such responses include sorting objects, rejecting objects of certain types, and detecting, novel or deviant objects. The invention includes a device called a "classification n-tuple" (of which a "classification couple" is a special case) capable of combining signals from two or more sensory modalities to arrive at the classification of an object.
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International ClassificationG06G7/60, G06F15/18, G06N3/04, B25J9/22, G06N3/00, G06K9/62, G06N99/00
Cooperative ClassificationG06K9/6267, G06N3/04
European ClassificationG06N3/04, G06K9/62C
Legal Events
21 Apr 1992EEERExamination request
10 Oct 2006MKLALapsed