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Publication numberCA2025519 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2025519
Publication date21 Apr 1991
Filing date17 Sep 1990
Priority date20 Oct 1989
Also published asCA2025519C, DE69016347D1, DE69016347T2, EP0423978A2, EP0423978A3, EP0423978B1, US5017192
Publication numberCA 2025519, CA 2025519 A1, CA 2025519A1, CA-A1-2025519, CA2025519 A1, CA2025519A1
InventorsLarry H. Dodge, Stanford C. Stone
ApplicantLarry H. Dodge, Stanford C. Stone, Minnesota Mining And Manufacturing Company, Graseby Medical Limited
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Free flow prevention system for infusion pump
CA 2025519 A1
A free flow prevention system for preventing free flow of fluid through IV tubing (12) when the tubing (12) is disconnected from an infusion pump (10). A flexible clamp (20, 20A) is provided having a pair of clamping arms (24, 24A), which define a variable width slot (26, 26A) for receiving the IV tubing (12). The IV tubing (12) may be moved along the slot (26, 26A) between a first position (28) (Figure 4) wherein the width of the slot (26, 26A) is sufficient to permit the clamp (20, 20A) to be positioned longitudinally along the IV tubing (12), and a second position (30) wherein the width of the slot (26, 26A) is normally less than the width of the slot (26, 26A) at the first position (28). The clamping arms (24, 24A) are resiliently biased to a closed position (Figure 2) wherein the IV tubing (12) is squeezed when in its second position (30) to close the lumen of the tubing (12) to prevent fluid flow. A clamp-receiving passageway (18, 188) and clamp-opening wedge (22) are provided on the infusion pump (10). The clamp-opening wedge (22) is movable relative to a clamp (20, 20A) received in the passageway (18, 18B) to an operating position (Figure 3), wherein the wedge (22) moves the arms (24, 24A) of the flexible clamp (20, 20A) against their bias to an open position (Figure 3) wherein the lumen of the IV tubing (12) is allowed to open to permit fluid flow during operation of the pump (10).
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International ClassificationA61M39/28, A61M5/168
Cooperative ClassificationA61M39/287, A61M5/14228, A61M39/281
European ClassificationA61M39/28F2
Legal Events
25 Jun 1997EEERExamination request
17 Sep 2010MKLALapsed
2 Dec 2012MKECExpiry (correction)
Effective date: 20121202