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Publication numberCA116133 S
Publication typeGrant
Application numberCA 116133
Publication date19 Nov 2008
Filing date2 Jun 2006
Priority date2 Dec 2005
Also published asUSD577854
Publication numberCA 116133, CA 116133 S, CA 116133S, CA-S-116133, CA116133 S, CA116133S
ApplicantLeviton Manufacturing Co
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Ceiling lampholder to accept a fluorescent lamp
CA 116133 S
The design consists of the features of shape, ornament, pattern and configuration of the CEILING LAMPHOLDER TO ACCEPT A FLUORESCENT LAMP shown in the attached drawings. The portions shown in stippled lines do not form part of the design.Drawings of the design are included wherein:FIGURE 1 is a side, front perspective view of the ceiling lampholder to accept a fluorescent lamp showing the design;FIGURE 2 is a front view thereof;FIGURE 3 is a right side view thereof, the left side view being a mirror image thereof;FIGURE 4 is a rear view thereof; andFIGURE 5 is a bottom side view thereof, the top side view being a mirror image thereof.
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