Yield Management Simplified

Maximize the value of every impression

Maximize the value of every impression

DoubleClick Ad Exchange's yield management platform enables publishers to manage multiple networks and capture the highest value from every impression.

Expand your reach

Expand your reach

Higher yield starts with access to demand. Reach unmatched global buyer demand, including every major agency, ad network, DSP, millions of AdWords advertisers, and more.

Capture opportunities

Capture opportunities

Turn transparency into insights to make better decisions. Understand how advertisers, DSPs, and trading desks are bidding on and buying your inventory.

Maintain control

Maintain control

Protect your users and your brand. Take control of what advertising you sell and how you sell by leveraging a full suite of controls and protections.

Expand your reach

Expand your reach

Higher yield starts with access to buyers.

DoubleClick Ad Exchange has deep integrations with every major agency, ad network, DSP, and millions of advertisers, including exclusive access to Google AdWords advertisers.

Leverage multiple selling options and built-in optimization to take your generate higher returns.

Unmatched demand

Reach more buyers

DoubleClick has deep integrations with every major agency, ad network, DSP, and millions of advertisers.

Seamless access to AdWords

DoubleClick Ad Exchange is the only platform with direct access to the entirety of AdWords demand, one of the world’s largest ad networks.

More competition

Ad networks compete with RTB buyers in a unified auction.

Sell across all screens and formats

DoubleClick Ad Exchange provides publishers a single exchange platform to make the most revenue possible from their Mobile, Video and Rich Media enabled inventory.

Multiple selling options

More flexibility

DoubleClick Ad Exchange offers a full range of programmatic selling options for publishers to complement their existing direct sales efforts

Supercharge your data

Drive higher CPMs for your preferred deals/private auctions by utilizing your own data.

Increase efficiency

All deal types can operate together simultaneously without sacrificing control or latency.

Full scale optimization

Protect your brand

Integrated data, advertiser, and technology controls.

Reduce latency

Fast response times means quicker ads and more bidders.

Keep users safe

Industry leading malware and spam scanning to keep users safe.

Be anonymous

Seller anonymity built into DoubleClick Ad Exchange from the ground-up.

Capture opportunities

Capture opportunities

Make better decisions by getting straight to the data that matters most.

Understand how advertisers, agencies and DSPs are performing down to the bid, as well as macro-level views across DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

Understand performance

Make your data work for you

View performance data across a breadth of criteria, including buyer type, format, and geography.

See new trends

Data visualization tools allow you to easily identify and follow trends. Interact with charts to see different time periods and more detailed information.

Stay updated

Never miss an insight with the ability to save and schedule reports for automatic deliver

Uncover opportunities

Full buyer transparency

Understand which buyers are bidding on your inventory and how they’re bidding.

Granular tracking

Full visibility into raw bid data, win rates, and revenue.

Get an industry view

Market insights

View macro-level trends across DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

Maintain control

Maintain control

DoubleClick Ad Exchange gives you complete control over buyer access to inventory, so you can assure the appropriateness of advertisements and protect your premium brand.

Utilize flexible pricing and inventory controls to determine which ads deliver, and prevent unwanted ads with Google powered protections.

Robust protections

Extensive category blocking

Google powered content analysis technology instantly analyzes and categorizes ad and page content to prevent unwanted ads.

Powerful malware and spam blocking

DoubleClick Ad Exchange leverages Google’s global malware protection infrastructure to prevent any malicious ad activity.

Simplified creative review

Every ad must pass through multiple creative checkpoints, including human review, to be eligible to deliver.

Prevent data leakage

See which networks and partners and placing pixels on your site in order to prevent data leakage.

Flexible controls

Multiple transparency controls

Set prices based on the level of transparency a buyer is allowed to see.

Pricing recommendations

Get pricing recommendations for any combination of branded and anonymous inventory.

Forecast revenue

Perform “what if” scenarios to see the potential impact of different minimum prices for your inventory.

Quick creative review

Find and block any ad in seconds with the Ad Review Center powered by Google search technology.

Seamless integrations

Full DFP integration

Full ad server integration makes inventory available to both direct sales and DoubleClick Ad Exchange simultaneously.

Dynamic allocation

DoubleClick Ad Exchange offers a proprietary dynamic allocation system that’s integrated with your DFP inventory to generate the highest price for each impression.

Save time with The Google Publisher Toolbar

Block ads and get instant reports without leaving your site via a Google Chrome extension specifically designed for DoubleClick Ad Exchange publishers.

Unified inventory

Easily configure your inventory from DFP directly in DoubleClick Ad Exchange.


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Featured customer

“We wanted to experiment to overcome the fear of going branded, and we chose DoubleClick Ad Exchange for its efficiency and control over which advertisers are coming through and what they’re paying.”

Jeff Burkett, Washington Post Digital, Senior Director Ad Innovations & Client Services

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