Streamline rich media development

DoubleClick Studio is a free rich media production and workflow tool designed for creative teams to streamline rich media processes and take control of turnaround times. DoubleClick Studio offers efficiency, control and innovation through Adobe Flash components and APIs for developing DoubleClick Rich Media creatives, and a web-based interface for managing your entire rich media workflow.

To begin utilizing DoubleClick Studio, please visit this site to find more details on becoming Studio Certified:

Save time and stay organized

DoubleClick Studio provides the tools creative teams need to build engaging ads quickly. Routine aspects of producing a rich media ad, like creating expansion panels and video controls, are as simple as dragging a component onto the stage in Adobe Flash and configuring a few simple options. Designers and developers can easily code cutting-edge ads from within Adobe Flash through simple yet powerful APIs for ActionScript 2 (AS2) and ActionScript 3 (AS3).

Be in control of the creative workflow

DoubleClick Studio provides visibility into where each creative sits within the creative workflow. When you upload the creative assets for a new ad, the workflow begins. Once uploaded, the events in the ad can be verified and the ad can be debugged, previewed and published to quality assurance (QA).

Work easily regardless of your skill set

DoubleClick Studio makes rich media ad production possible for designers, developers and ad builders of all skill levels. Within Adobe Flash, DoubleClick Studio provides simple, drag-and-drop pre-made components that can be used to create all types of rich media behaviors and controls. For advanced Flash developers and ad builders, DoubleClick Studio provides powerful AS2 and AS3 APIs that make it possible to code cutting-edge ads. With just an enabler and the API, anything in the ad can be coded. With AS3, DoubleClick Rich Media creatives can use innovative external sources, such as Google Maps, Papervision3D and many others.


Fact sheet

DoubleClick Studio helps you make ads that are more relevant, real-time and interactive across screens. Learn some of the innovative things that can be done. Download (PDF)

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