Drive direct sales revenue

Ad Serving

Comprehensive ad serving technology that enables you to seamlessly manage and accelerate your digital ad operations across web, mobile, and video. Learn more about DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)

Sales Management

Streamline sales and enhance visibility throughout the sales cycle with a proposal and finance management solution that helps you gain full control over your ad sales management. Learn more about DART Sales Manager

Manage yield across indirect sales

Yield Management

Profit from non-guaranteed sales on your terms via a global, open, transparent and brand-safe marketplace to buy and sell display advertising space. Learn more about DoubleClick Ad Exchange

Sell across all screens and formats


Capture opportunities beyond the desktop with DFP’s full service mobile ad serving module to deliver dynamic, interactive ads across your mobile web pages and applications. Learn more about DFP Mobile


Maximize revenue from every stream with DFP’s powerful video ad serving module to help you manage and sell ads against your online video content. Learn more about DFP Video

Extend and differentiate inventory

Audience Management

Define and sell audience segments across your site or network in order to maximize the value of your inventory. Learn more about DFP Audience

Rich Media

Differentiate your inventory and strengthen relationships with your advertisers by offering the most creative and innovative ad formats. Learn more about DoubleClick Rich Media

Rich Media Production

Bring your advertiser’s campaigns to life with tools designed to help you streamline rich media development and take control of the creative process. Learn more about DoubleClick Studio