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Spokespeople bios and headshots

Amit Singhal, Senior Vice President and Google Fellow

Amit Singhal is Senior Vice President and a Google Fellow who is responsible for the development of Google Search. Amit has worked in the field of search for over twenty years, first as an academic researcher and now as a Google engineer. His research interests include information retrieval, its application to web search, web graph analysis, and user interfaces for search. At Google, Amit oversees the search quality team, the team responsible for Google’s search algorithms. The team tests thousands of changes to search in a given year and typically launches about 500.

Prior to joining Google in 2000, Amit was a senior member of technical staff at AT&T Labs. Amit has an undergraduate degree in India from IIT, Roorkee, a MS from the University of Minnesota and a Ph.D. from Cornell University, all in Computer Science. At Cornell, he studied Information Retrieval with the late Gerard Salton, one of the founders of the field.

Amit has co-authored more than thirty scientific papers and numerous patents.

Ben Gomes, Vice President and Google Fellow

Ben is a Google Fellow and a lead for the company’s engineering efforts on search features. Ben has been with Google for more than 11 years and has worked in the development of nearly all aspects of the Google search service ranging from crawling and indexing to ranking and new feature design, including features such as Google Instant and Instant Previews.

Prior to Google, Ben earned his Ph.D. in computer science from UC Berkeley. He was born in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.

Matt Cutts, Distinguished Engineer

Matt is the head of the Webspam team at Google, where he specializes in search quality and issues related to search engine optimization (SEO). He is known in the webmaster and SEO community for applying Google's Quality Guidelines. Earlier Google assignments included the ads engineering group and the original SafeSearch, which is a family-safe version of Google's search.

Prior to joining Google in 2000, Matt worked on his Ph.D. in computer graphics at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. He has a master’s degree from UNC-Chapel Hill, and bachelor’s degrees in both mathematics and computer science from the University of Kentucky.

Scott Huffman, Engineering Director

Scott Huffman is an Engineering Director at Google, where he leads the search quality evaluation and mobile search teams. He has been at Google for five and a half years, and has been working on search for around 15 years. Prior to joining Google, he was VP of Engineering at Knova, an enterprise search and knowledge management company in Silicon Valley. Scott has a PhD in computer science from the University of Michigan and did his undergraduate work at Carnegie Mellon University. He has authored dozens of academic papers in information retrieval, machine learning and information extraction, and is the inventor or co-inventor on several patents.

Jack Menzel, Product Management Director, Google Search

Jack Menzel leads the teams developing new technologies used for personalization, question answering, web page summarization, and image search. Prior to joining Google Jack worked as a Program Manager at Microsoft. Jack holds a MS in Computer Science from the University of Washington as well as an BS in Computer Science and Mathematical Economics from Brown University.

Daniel M Russell, Uber Tech Lead, Search Quality and User Happiness

Daniel M Russell is a research scientist at Google where he works in the area of search quality, with a focus on understanding what makes Google users happy in their use of web search. He studies how people do their searches, trying to understand the most common traps and pathways to successful Google use. Dan has been a researcher at IBM's Almaden Research Center, Apple's Advanced Technology Group and Xerox PARC. He received his BS in Computer Science from UC Irvine. His PhD is from the time before the world-wide web at the University of Rochester. Dan remembers a time when email addresses didn't end in .com or .edu (let alone .org). He enjoys long distance running, making music and word play, becoming disgruntled when he can't do all three in one day.

Jon Wiley, Lead Designer, Google Search

Jon Wiley leads the User Experience team for Google Search, working each day to make the search experience more usable, useful, and beautiful. Since 2006, Jon has had the opportunity to design for nearly every Google product. You see his work every time you look at the Google logo. Prior to Google, Jon designed for Hoover's, managed web communications for Texas Governor Rick Perry, owned a theater, and performed improv and sketch comedy. Jon has starred in viral videos seen by millions, most recently as The Autocompleter on YouTube.


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