Google Flights

Google Flights helps you quickly and easily explore flights and book your trip with just a few taps.

Access Google Flights at, or type directly in Google Search to see flights right in your search results. Whether you're searching on your desktop, tablet or phone, you can quickly plan and book your trip with Google Flights.

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See a simple list of convenient flights

Google Flights shows you an easy-to-scan list to help you get there quickly and inexpensively. Results update instantly if you change your date or destination. You can also find tips on how to save money and easily see which flights are the best trade-off between price, the number of stops and the duration of the flight.

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Explore travel options

If you're looking for some inspiration, click on the map to enter full-screen exploration. You can pan the entire world to see prices for different cities, photos of top attractions for each city and how prices change throughout the month. Live prices update as you filter by price, stops, airline, flight times or duration.

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Find low prices

Our calendar highlights lowest fares for each day to help you quickly find the best day to travel. Select your outbound date, and prices update instantly for return dates. Change the stops, length of stay, preferred airline and more; prices update instantly, without requiring extra searches. You can also use the lowest fares graph to scroll through future months and see how prices fluctuate.

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Plan and book your trip with ease

Search for flights directly within Google Search and we’ll show you a summary of available flights with details about the duration of the flight and prices — right in your search results. You can adjust the dates without leaving the page, or click any flight to go to Google Flights where you can further research and book your trip. Either way, it’s fast and easy to plan and book your trip.

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