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Is North Korea planning its first uranium bomb test?
VIENNA - North Korea, believed to be preparing for a third nuclear test, would probably be able to make and explode a uranium device for the first time after earlier relying on plutonium, a former chief UN inspector said. If it were to do so, that ...
Denison may be takeover target after US asset sale
On the other hand, the Canadian assets, located in the heart of one of the top uranium camps in the world, offer the potential for world-class discoveries.
Denison Mines: The long and short  Financial Post
Energy Fuels announces merger with Denison Mines  The Daily Planet
Areva touts proposed Kiggavik uranium mine on eve of Nunavut Mining Symposium
... Inc., which delivered a 10,000-page draft environmental impact statement to the Nunavut Impact Review Board this past December - and then saw it rejected a month later - is now reviewing regulators' comments on the company's open-pit uranium mine ...
Growth Prospects for Uranium Stir Concerns
The county, represented by Mr. Lowerre's law firm, and the mining company, Uranium Resources Inc., are disputing issues related to the standards the company must meet for cleanup.
A new kind of break fee
One of the more unusual aspects about the acquisition by Energy Fuels of the U.S. uranium assets of Denison Mines, is a concept known as a “reciprocal break fee.
DNI Metals CEO Shah� Sabag Discusses the Massive Alberta Black Shales Project ...
DNI Metals Inc. (TSX.V:DNI) CEO Shah� Sabag talks with James West about the massive Alberta Black Shales Metal Project, a 2,700 square kilometre polymetallic development project with an inferred resource of 250 million short tons delineated over a 5.7 ...
Make your own Geiger counter
Take one empty box of Frisk mints, some aluminum foil or a copper coin, eight photodiodes and free assembly instructions. ... When a friend sent him a pair of old marbles made from uranium glass, Maxfield's dosimeter detected unsafe levels of radiation.
Stephen Harper touts Canada's mining industry as Americas summit gets off to ...
No one was hurt. Also Friday, Obama's security detail - the renowned Secret Service - was embarrassed when it was announced that some of its agents travelling with the president were relieved of duty and replaced.
Electrical sub-metering can bring big energy savings
It's a simple formula, sure, but it's one that encourages waste. It means residents who make an effort to conserve and use relatively less electricity end up subsidizing those who always keep the lights on and load their homes with energy-hogging ...
Goodspeed Analysis: Middle East could collapse into full conflict if ...
Michael O'Hanlon and Bruce Riedel of the Brookings Institution predicted in a report last week, “Unless Iran pauses its uranium enrichment activities, an Israeli or U.S. strike against its nuclear facilities looks likely by next year.” According to The ...