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First Quantum suspends work at Mauritania copper, gold mine
First Quantum Minerals has suspended operations at the Guelb Moghrein copper and gold mine in Mauritania, where days of worker protests over pay left one person dead over the weekend.
Higgs triumph opens up field of dreams
Theorist Peter Higgs himself was present for the announcement, as were three of the other physicists who first predicted the boson back in 1964: Gerald Guralnik, Fran�ois Englert and Carl Hagen.
Artificial jellyfish built from rat cells
Bioengineers have made an artificial jellyfish using silicone and muscle cells from a rat's heart. The synthetic creature, dubbed a medusoid, looks like a flower with eight petals.
Nature Publishing Group wins long-running libel trial
However, this does not undermine the observation that deep in these ideas there is a correct principle at work, which could be the mysterious role played by Cantor sets in quantum physics and their contradictory but acceptable properties. 3- It is ...
Storms may speed ozone loss above the United States
Summer thunderstorms across the United States inject water vapour far higher into the atmosphere than was previously believed, promoting a cascade of chemical reactions that could pose an increased threat to Earth's protective ozone layer as the ...
Cosmic survey finds global appeal
“It was limited purely by the number of hours I could stay awake.” By the end ... However, the first round of fund-raising has been closed to new partners, and Tyson says that some astronomers in countries such as France are disappointed that they ...
Turkey cracks down on academic freedom
Now, an international network is launching a campaign to support Turkish scientists whose academic rights it considers to have been violated.
NASA set to choose low-cost Solar System mission
The programme, though, has always aimed to deliver big science at relatively low cost, and its craft have explored almost every corner of the Solar System since the first probe launched in 1996. Discovery-class launches initially came every year or two ...
A giant bid to etch tiny circuits
The first generation of EUV sources offered only about 10 watts of light, enough to pattern just 10 silicon wafers an hour.
Conflicting verdicts on Romanian prime minister's plagiarism
On Thursday, Romania's 11-strong National Ethics Council (NEC) rejected the plagiarism charges against Ponta, first reported by Nature last month (see 'Romanian prime minister accused of plagiarism').