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First Quantum suspends work at Mauritania copper, gold mine
First Quantum Minerals has suspended operations at the Guelb Moghrein copper and gold mine in Mauritania, where days of worker protests over pay left one person dead over the weekend.
Neurodevelopment: Unlocking the brain
“For the first time, we are beginning to understand the biology that underlies critical periods,” says Hensch. And that understanding is suggesting ways to intervene in various neural disorders, including intractable conditions such as adult amblyopia ...
Microbes en masse: The sequencing machine
Faeces, lizards, keyboards, faces - Rob Knight likes to sequence the microbes on anything and everything. Next, he plans to sequence Earth.
Higgs triumph opens up field of dreams
Theorist Peter Higgs himself was present for the announcement, as were three of the other physicists who first predicted the boson back in 1964: Gerald Guralnik, Fran�ois Englert and Carl Hagen.
Gene mutation defends against Alzheimer's disease
The mutation - the first ever found to protect against the disease - lies in a gene that produces amyloid-β precursor protein (APP), which has an unknown role in the brain and has long been suspected to be at the heart of Alzheimer's.
Uncertainty shrouds psychologist's resignation
Lawrence Sanna departed University of Michigan amid questions over his work from 'data detective' Uri Simonsohn. Ed Yong. 12 July 2012.
Researchers monitor volcanic activity at Santorini
As tourists gambol around the Greek islands this summer, an international team of geoscientists is embarking on a research cruise to deploy instruments on the sea floor near one of the region's most famous holiday destinations, Santorini.
Artificial jellyfish built from rat cells
Bioengineers have made an artificial jellyfish using silicone and muscle cells from a rat's heart. The synthetic creature, dubbed a medusoid, looks like a flower with eight petals.
Dumping iron at sea does sink carbon
The EIFEX results back up a hypothesis by the late oceanographer John Martin, who first reported in 1988 that iron deficiency limits phytoplankton growth in parts of the subarctic Pacific Ocean.
Nature Publishing Group wins long-running libel trial
However, this does not undermine the observation that deep in these ideas there is a correct principle at work, which could be the mysterious role played by Cantor sets in quantum physics and their contradictory but acceptable properties. 3- It is ...