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First Quantum suspends work at Mauritania copper, gold mine
First Quantum Minerals has suspended operations at the Guelb Moghrein copper and gold mine in Mauritania, where days of worker protests over pay left one person dead over the weekend.
Genomes and fossil faeces track the first Americans
For decades, archaeologists assumed that the first Americans were the 'Clovis' people, who left distinctive spear points all over the American Midwest and Southwest around 13,000 years ago.
Nature Publishing Group wins long-running libel trial
However, this does not undermine the observation that deep in these ideas there is a correct principle at work, which could be the mysterious role played by Cantor sets in quantum physics and their contradictory but acceptable properties. 3- It is ...
Stars draw atoms closer together
But Trygve Helgaker, a quantum chemist at the University of Oslo, and his colleagues accidentally discovered a third bonding mechanism when they simulated how atoms should behave under magnetic fields of about 105 tesla - 10,000 times the biggest ...
Theoretical physicists win massive awards
Alan Guth - For the invention of inflationary cosmology, and for his contributions to the theory for the generation of cosmological density fluctuations arising from quantum fluctuations in the early universe, and for his ongoing work on the problem ...
Fukushima's uncertainty problem
The paper, by engineers John Ten Hoeve and Mark Jacobson of Stanford University in California, seems at first glance to be a thorough analysis, but the uncertainties surrounding the crisis mean that the work is unable to provide even an order-of ...
South Korean reactor to restart despite protests
At first, the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy, which oversees energy policy, had said that the restart would be delayed to alleviate anxiety.
Food science deserves a place at the table
But, at the universities that focus on agricultural science we are in nineteenth- and twentieth-century buildings and trying to undertake twenty-first-century science. It is pretty tough - the greenhouses are falling apart, and labs aren't up to speed ...
Europe proposes revision of clinical-trial rules
Updates. Updated: This story has been updated since it was first published. .... This week... Our gut bugs' love of fibre, squeezing quantum states, and studying boredom. ... Research Engineer / Research Scientist in Renewable Energy. King Fahd ...
Meet patients to get your motivation back
And as she regained her composure and continued with her stories about her dad, I remembered why I had organized this event in the first place. Although I had witnessed the effects of Alzheimer's disease first hand - both as a child, watching my ...