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Inside the Radical Incubator for Social Entrepreneurs
"Over the course of 100 days we will sail more than 25,000 nautical miles and port in 14 countries. We will have 25 mentors on board and our entrepreneurs, looking to scale their technologies into new markets, will also serve as mentors to the 600 ...
Methodology & Meet the Judges
David Cohen is the founder and CEO of TechStars. Previously, he was the founder and chief technology officer of Pinpoint Technologies, which was acquired by ZOLL Medical Corporation in 1999, and founder and chief executive of, a music ...
Nano going downtown
CHA will lease about 10,000 square feet and move 30 of its executives to the station from the company's current headquarters, said CHA Chief Executive Officer Ray Rudolph. "This provides us with exciting new opportunities to continue to expand our ...
The scars of a Colorado fire
A few weeks ago, Colorado fires raged. They are still there, but mostly out and contained - the Boulder fire is completely contained, but pockets of fire will probably burn at a low level for weeks and be put out as they're found.
High schoolers totally shred on a high-altitude balloon
I've written about high-altitude balloon science before: small weather balloons can carry scientific payloads up to heights of 30 kilometers or more, where they can detect cosmic phenomena normally blocked by the Earth's atmosphere.
Newborn star makes a cosmic bank shot
Like human babies, newborn stars tend to blast out gas from both ends. Unlike infant people, when stars do it it's because of things like angular momentum, magnetic fields, and radiation pressure.
There's a Zombie in My Treehouse!
My friends Ken Plume, Len Peralta (from Geek-A-Week), and John Robinson have created a fun and creepy children's book called There's a Zombie in My Treehouse!
Lightning strikes in a storm bigger than worlds
In 2010, a storm erupted in Saturn's northern hemisphere. It grew, and grew, and GREW, until it physically wrapped around the planet.
Bad Astronomy
It's been a while since we've had a big flare from the Sun. Active region 1515 was looking like it might do the trick - over the past week this group of sunspots has been hissing and spitting, but the flares have been relative small.
Shimmering purple aurora after a powerful solar storm
While I was at Comic Con - these things always seem to happen when I can't get to the blog! - the huge sunspot cluster AR 1520 let loose with a powerful X1.4 class flare [Note: I originally had this as an X4 flare].