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How Big Data Changed Crime Fighting & Is Changing The Practice Of SEO
In the mid 1990's, New York city Mayor Rudolph Giuliani introduced a technology-based crime measurement system called CompStat.
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Know Your Neurons: The Discovery and Naming of the Neuron
In decades to come, increasingly powerful imaging technologies will allow researchers to see neurons in greater detail than ever before, likely revealing previously hidden differences between brain regions and cell types.
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Facebook, Fact, and Fiction: News, History, and Greenspan v. Random House
With its share price dropping another $0.65 at close yesterday, some writers are calling the recent Facebook IPO �the end of Facebook.
Partnership offers improved leak testing for food industry
Rudolph Fuentes, USON leak test sales specialist, told there are a number of leak detection techniques which can be applied to food packaging of various types.
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Jury Finds No Patent Infringement in Google v. Oracle Lawsuit
... involving just the two to three copyright issues that the judge and jury decided in favor of Oracle. Although this case appears to be on the verge of coming to a close right now, the tech titans may return to the courtroom once again following the ...
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Digital Piracy in the Third Dimension
Despite the plethora of advantages afforded by the rapid evolution of digital technology, intellectual property owners constantly find their rights infringed upon.
Ludicrous Penalties for Ludacris? Sony BMG v. Tenenbaum
Joel Tenenbaum, the student sued for illegally downloading and sharing songs over the Internet, reached a dead end in his claim that the $675,000 in damages imposed for his music downloading are unconstitutional when the Supreme Court refused his ...
Chocolate Wars: Protecting Chocolate Through Trademark
European regard for chocolate was brought to international attention in the late 1990s, when the European Parliament debated chocolate purification standards, arguing over the ingredients required for chocolate to be referred to as �chocolate.
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Big-Four Tobacco Companies' Fight Against Plain-Packaging Legislation
Since it is obvious that the intent of the bill is to diminish the ability of consumers to distinguish the cigarettes of one company from another, the law clearly violates article 20. Section 8 of this article contains an exception, which allows member ...
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DVD Pirate Supports Troops, America, Freedom
The New York Times recently ran a profile of Hyman Strachman, a 92-year-old World War II veteran who has spent the past eight years copying DVDs and sending them to American soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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