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Should You Combine Your Personal and Business Social Media Identities?
"Dating back to 2006, when I first started work in the social media field for Dell, the linking of company and personal name to create @RichardatDell has made it clear, transparent and obvious who I am and that I represent Dell," Binhammer says ...
Desktop Project Part 12: The galactic deep diver M9
[The Desktop Project is my attempt to clear off all the amazing images I've been collecting on my computer's desktop over the past few weeks - I'll post one great picture every day until they're gone.
Engineers receive annual achievement awards
As the vice president of sales and engineering of Siemens Telecommunications in Taiwan, Chiang participated in the digitalization of the company's analog telecommunications network. He was ... In 2005, Janis was engineer of record and LEED accredited ...
Map and measure a million Moon craters!
I give talks about asteroid impacts quite often, and sometimes people ask me why we should worry about them. I reply, "Go outside and look at the Moon.
Desktop Project Part 10: The crescent and the plume
[Over the past few weeks, I've collected a metric ton of cool pictures to post, but somehow have never gotten around to actually posting them.
Meteor, Crater
Brad Goldpaint thinks he's the luckiest guy on Earth. He says that because he's a photographer, and he was thrilled that after waiting a long time to get a good shot at Crater Lake, Oregon, the weather cleared up just in time for annual Lyrid meteor ...
Desktop Project Part 22: A black hole belches out a hurricane
[We're in the home stretch of my Desktop Project: going through all the pictures on my computer's desktop and posting one a day until they're gone.
Time lapse: Under the Namibian Sky
Oh, how I love time lapse video of the sky! I always peer closely, trying to recognize stars, constellations, galaxies, and other land(sky?
GORGEOUS solar eruption!
Right now as I write this, the Sun is settling down after a minor flare tripped a flippin' huge and spectacular prominence: a looping tower of plasma hundreds of thousands of kilometers high!
A stunning star factory for Hubble's 22nd!
April 24th marks the 22nd anniversary of Hubble's launch into space. To celebrate it, NASA and ESA released this devastating panoramic view (also available here) of the mighty star-forming region 30 Doradus: Yegads.