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Breaking down the iPad: Enthusiasts tear tablet apart to see the internals as ...
Tech enthusiast site iFixit has already torn apart the new iPad to check out the internals of Apple's new device. The inner ... Samsung is Apple's biggest competitor on the mobile front, with the company's Samsung Galaxy S2 flying the flag for Android ...
Laser 'Unprinter' Vaporizes Toner
Mar 2012 CAMBRIDGE, England, March 21, 2012 - A laser device that vaporizes photocopied ink from paper could soon be in offices worldwide.
Controlling Weeds with Lasers
During experiments, the LZH Department of Materials and Processes, Safety Technology Group used a galvanometer scanner with a flexible mirror system to move laser beams quickly from plant to plant, and to focus with high precision on the near-surface ...
Seeking to Unify Physics with Mirrors
Mar 2012 VIENNA, March 29, 2012 - An experiment designed to observe quantum interactions at the Planck scale could, if successful, help bridge the gap between quantum mechanics and general relativity.
Laser Mixing Generates Multifrequency Light
"It's fairly routine to mix the lasers and get one or two new frequencies, said Mark Sherwin, the lead researcher, a professor at UCSB and director of the university's Institute for Terahertz Science and Technology. "But to see all these different new ...
Novel Plasmonic Material Discovered
Unlike gold and silver, titanium nitride is compatible with standard semiconductor manufacturing technology and provides many advantages in its nanofabrication and integration,” said Alexandra Boltasseva, the lead researcher on this experiment.
New Tool Images Biomolecules
Mar 2012 BERKELEY, Calif., March 28, 2012 - For the first time, optical nanoantennas can harness the power of plasmonics to study the dynamics of cell membrane biology.
Photoacoustic Imaging Moves into Clinic
“None of the clinical imaging technologies give you the strong contrast of the optical techniques. So between the microdomain and the macrodomain, there's a huge divide because people can't relate the images acquired at one length scale to those ...
Lasers Boost Standoff Sensing
Imperx Inc. Photometer. TSI Inc. A/D Board. Ultraview Corp. CMOS Cameras. Point Grey Research Inc. Glass Laser Transmitter.
Petal-Shaping Inspires Photopatterning Tool
Mar 2012 AMHERST, Mass., March 9, 2012 - Inspired by nature's ability to shape a petal, a new tool for manufacturing three-dimensional shapes easily and cheaply was created using photolithography and printing techniques.