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The origins of money, and saving the euro
IT IS really hard to see where the euro is going. Spanish yields are up again today, meaning Madrid's debt looks less and less sustainable.
Euro finds its niche as a funding currency
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) - With the European Central Bank's key lending rate at a record low, the euro has emerged as a funding currency in so-called carry trades - a practice of selling weak, low-interest currencies to buy higher-yielding assets.
Debt crisis: Mario Draghi pledges to do 'whatever it takes' to save euro
Euro break-up: Let Germany lead the northern core and France the rest
By now it is widely recognised that some form of euro break-up is on the cards. Yet what form? It may be that only one country leaves, with the rest continuing as now.
France, Germany celebrate friendship amid crisis  Reuters
Who Warned About the Euro First?
As the world's financial markets begin to price in a total collapse of the euro project, there's no shortage of economists and other experts saying they always knew it was doomed to failure.
Euro snakes and ladders
THE euro's agony is coming full circle. What started as a banking crisis mutated into a debt and then an economic crisis.
With a bang, not a whimper
The reports of BCA, a Montreal-based research shop, stand out for how incisively they diagnose the causes of the euro crisis and the plausibility of the scenarios they sketch for its resolution.
Who Needs the Euro When You Can Pay With Deutsche Marks?
Germans officially traded in the currency for euro bills and coins on Jan. 1, 2002, and the mark immediately ceased to be legal tender.
Germans Are Buying Stuff With Deutsche Marks Again  Business Insider
We knew the euro was a bad idea in 1961. What went wrong?
So, would a solution to the Euro crisis be to teach everyone, say, German? Despite the obvious historical faux pas of imposing Deutsche Uber Alles, this would raise employment in the short run for Germans (as teachers) - the opposite of what is needed.
Euro exit and depreciation would bring economic gains
For countries afflicted by the twin problems of excessive debt and uncompetitiveness, leaving the euro and letting their new currency fall potentially offers not just a feasible but even an attractive way out.
Euro Crisis: The German Approach Is at Least Partially Correct  Huffington Post
Disciplined borrowing needed to fix European crisis  Boston Globe
The euro is "irreversible" and not in danger, says Draghi
The euro is “irreversible” and the beleaguered currency union is not in danger of collapsing, according to European Central Bank President Mario Draghi, who also argued that eurozone nations will eventually be bound even closer together.
ECB's Draghi says euro not in danger  Reuters
The Secret Tool Draghi Uses to Run Europe  Forbes