Bridging the Digital Divide

We’re working to make technology more accessible to people from all backgrounds and experiences.

Providing trainings for small business owners

More than 50% of America's businesses from underrepresented communities aren’t online, limiting their potential growth in today’s online economy. So we launched the Accelerate with Google Academy, a 12-week intensive program that teaches business owners how to be found and generate business on the web. To date, the program has generated over $13M in annualized economic impact for participants.

Equipping suppliers with training and opportunities

A more diverse supplier base means better products and services for Googlers and for our users. Google's Small Business Supplier Diversity Program is designed to connect more minority-, women-, veteran- and LGBT-owned small businesses to opportunities within Google. We also aim to equip these businesses with the tools and resources they need so they can be successful working with any company. Learn more and apply at

Promoting entrepreneurship in underrepresented communities

In Silicon Valley, fewer than 1% of venture-backed startup founders are Black, Hispanic, or Latino, and only 4% of venture capital goes to female founders. Google for Entrepreneurs' NextWave provides awareness and resources to inspire and educate the next generation of entrepreneurs and doers. NextWave's first initiative, CODE2040's Residency program, will provide one-year entrepreneur-in-residence fellowships to African American and Latino founders. Learn more at

Making the web and our products more accessible

At Google, accessibility is a core consideration from product design through release. Our central accessibility team monitors our products to make sure users everywhere can enjoy them, and solicits feedback from trusted external partners. Learn more on the accessibility site, and through our latest Global Impact Challenge, which aims to build awareness, identify solutions and help create universal access for people with disabilities.

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