Foster a Fair and Inclusive Google

We're raising awareness around unconscious bias and fostering an environment where every Googler can thrive.

Our efforts include:

Empowering Googlers to address unconscious bias

Every day, we're inundated with more information than we can consciously process. Research shows that simply raising awareness about unconscious bias can lead to more conscious decision making. Unconscious bias workshops teach Googlers how to mitigate bias and build bias-busting actions into Google's people processes to ensure they yield fair outcomes. Learn more.

Providing benefits that serve the diverse needs of our Googlers

We believe in removing barriers so Googlers can focus on the things and people they love, and in providing benefits that serve the unique needs of our Googlers. Some of our most talked-about benefits include our caregiver leave program and our LGBT policies. Find out more about how we tailor our benefits to support the diverse needs of our Googlers.

Infusing diversity in our people processes

Our goal is to create an environment in which every Googler can thrive. We check and recheck our people processes, evaluating opportunities to ensure fairness and equity in all things that impact Googlers. For example, we took action when we saw that women in tech were less likely to self-nominate for promotions — see how.

Encouraging Googlers to celebrate diversity and inclusion

Googlers are passionate about diversity and asked for more ways to make a difference. So we created the Diversity Core program to connect them to high impact diversity projects across Google and in local communities. Googlers can also join one of our 20+ Employee Resource Groups to connect with a network of people who share their values of supporting diversity:

Asian Google Network

Connecting and advancing the Asian community at Google

Asian Google Network (AGN), one of the largest employee resource groups at Google, aims to educate about Asian culture and support Googler retention and career development. AGN accomplishes this through networking, mentorship, and community service opportunities which include an annual Autumn Moon Festival, a dragonboat competition, and a national mentorship program.

Black Googler Network

Supporting the Black community at Google

The Black Googler Network (BGN) is an employee resource group of Googlers with a mission to cultivate Black leaders at Google and beyond, empower the communities where we operate, and transform the tech industry to reflect the diversity of its users. Members of BGN sponsor many events throughout the year, including month-long activities for Black History Month, mentoring, and volunteer opportunities.

Filipino Google Network

Celebrating the Filipino community at Google

The Filipino Google Network (FGN) is an employee resource group created to empower Filipino Googlers, the Filipino community, and their allies globally. FGN values education as a catalyst for action and works to support each other through career planning, mentoring, and Filipino student events.


Creating a supportive, inclusive Google

The Gayglers are an employee resource group comprised of LGBT Googlers and their allies. The Gayglers not only lead the way in celebrating Pride around the world, but also inform programs and policies, so that Google remains a workplace that works for everyone.

Google American Indian Network

Supporting Native Americans at Google

The Google American Indian Network (GAIN) is an employee resource group dedicated to leveraging Google's brand, tools, and energy to make a positive impact in the Native American community. GAIN pursues this mission by building partnerships to connect Google teams and initiatives with external Native American nonprofits, communities, and business groups.

Google Veterans Network

Supporting veterans and military families

The Google Veterans Network (VetNet) is an employee resource group and volunteer community for those who have served or currently serve in the military, military families, and their supporters. VetNet partners across Google to attract, recruit and retain top military talent, and works with external partners to extend the network’s impact in the community. For more information on the community and opportunities for veterans at Google, check out

Google Women in Engineering

Supporting our Women Engineers

The Google Women in Engineering (GWE) Network is a global effort to foster a sense of community and connection amongst Google women engineers worldwide. The network is dedicated to attracting and retaining GWEs, providing opportunities to develop professionally, and enhancing the overall Google experience. To learn more, check out this Wired article about one of Google's GWEs, Melody Meckfessel.


Creating community for Googlers “of a certain age”

The Greyglers are an employee resource group that helps Google stay a top company for workers of all ages by promoting age diversity awareness. As company elders, the Greyglers explore how Google can better support the greater community of users of all ages and inform programs and policies, so that Google remains a workplace that works for everyone.

Hispanic Googlers Network

Supporting the Latino community at Google

The Hispanic Googlers Network (HGN) is an employee resource group of Googlers committed to attracting, recruiting, developing, and retaining top Hispanic talent at Google. HGN sponsors events throughout the year to educate Googlers about Hispanic culture, including Latino Family Health Day, Hispanic Heritage Month, and mixers with other Bay Area employee resource groups.

Indus Googler Network

Connecting with the Indus community at Google

The Indus Googler Network (IGN) is an employee resource group that aims to build a platform for professional and social activities for those with an affinity towards South Asian culture. IGN activities include community service, outreach programs, and cultural celebrations such as Diwali and Holi.


Creating inclusive communities in our smaller offices

Mosaic is an umbrella employee resource group created to fit the needs of our smaller offices. Mosaic's mission is to empower Googlers and their communities to create significant social and business impact across diverse groups and perspectives. Mosaic chapters can be found in various offices throughout the Americas — from Buenos Aires to Boulder, Seattle to Sao Paulo.

Special Needs Network

Connecting Googlers affected by disabilities

The Special Needs Network (SNN) is an employee resource group that serves as a resource for Googlers with special needs, or Googlers with children, relatives, or friends with special needs. Through this network, we create an environment that gives our Googlers the support, community resources, and information that will help them reach their full potential.


Creating a network for women

Women@Google is an employee resource group comprised of 4,000+ female Googlers committed to providing networking and mentoring opportunities, professional development, and a sense of community to Googler women across 27 countries.