The Ninth Bridgewater Treatise. A Fragment (Google eBook)

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John Murray, 1837 - Religion - 244 pages
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Page 120 - That no testimony is sufficient to establish a miracle, unless the testimony be of such a kind, that its falsehood would be more miraculous, than the fact, which it endeavors to establish...
Page 173 - Une intelligence qui, pour un instant donné, connaîtrait toutes les forces dont la nature est animée et la situation respective des êtres qui la composent, si d'ailleurs elle était assez vaste pour soumettre ces données à l'Analyse, embrasserait dans la même formule les mouvements des plus grands corps de l'univers et ceux du plus léger atome : rien ne serait incertain pour elle, et l'avenir, comme le passé, serait présent à ses yeux.
Page 123 - It is experience only" which gives authority to human testimony ; and it is the same experience which assures us of the laws of nature. "When, therefore, these two kinds of experience are contrary, we have nothing to do but subtract the one from the other, and embrace an opinion, either on one side or the other, with that assurance which arises from the remainder.
Page 113 - Every atom impressed with good and with ill retains at once the motions which philosophers and sages have imparted to it, mixed and combined in ten thousand ways with all that is worthless and base. The air itself is one vast library, on whose pages are for ever written all that man has ever said or woman whispered.
Page 119 - A miracle is a violation of the laws of nature ; and as a firm and unalterable experience has established j these laws, the proof against a miracle, from the very nature of the fact, is as entire as any argument from experience can possibly be imagined.
Page 174 - Tous ses efforts dans la recherche de la vérité tendent à le rapprocher sans cesse de l'intelligence que nous venons de concevoir; mais dont il restera toujours infiniment éloigné. Cette tendance propre à l'espèce humaine est ce qui la rend supérieure aux animaux; et ses progrès en ce genre distinguent les nations et les siècles, et font leur véritable gloire.
Page 174 - Ses découvertes en mécanique et en géométrie, jointes à celle de la pesanteur universelle, l'ont mis à portée de comprendre dans les mêmes expressions analytiques, les états passés et futurs du système du monde. En appliquant la même méthode à quelques autres objets de ses connaissances, il est parvenu à ramener à des lois générales, les phénomènes observés, et à prévoir ceux que des circonstances données doivent faire éclore. Tous ses efforts dans la recherche de la...
Page 160 - ... that we are to be followers of truth : the trial of our faith is, when we cannot perceive this : and the part of a lover of truth is to follow her at all seeming hazards, after the example of Him, who ' came into the world, that He might bear witness to the truth.
Page 68 - I still remember my solitary transport at the discovery of a philosophical argument against the doctrine of transubstantiation: that the text of scripture, which seems to inculcate the real presence, is attested only by a single sense— our sight; while the real presence itself is disproved by three of our senses— the sight, the touch, and the taste.
Page 123 - What we have said of miracles may be applied, without any variation, to prophecies ; and, indeed, all prophecies are real miracles, and as such only can be admitted as proofs of any revelation.

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