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Harvard Business Review executive summary: Measuring what consumers value.

For marketers, analyzing how a consumer feels about the price of a product or service may be fairly straightforward. Understanding what consumers truly value about a product or service is a more complex question.


Enhancing the customer experience is the key to a winning business strategy. If you don’t know what consumers value, how can you be sure to satisfy them?


Create a compelling value proposition.

When you align your product or service with what people care about, you rise above commodity status. This summary report of a Harvard Business Review webinar featuring Eric Almquist of Bain & Company offers insights on creating a more compelling customer experience.


In this executive summary report, you’ll learn:


  • The 30 elements of value people consider in evaluating products or services
  • How these elements meet four core needs: functional, emotional, life-changing, or social impact
  • How combining elements in the right way creates new value for customers, increases customer loyalty, and drives revenue growth




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    Tap into what consumers care about by exploring the elements of value.

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