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Driving growth with marketing measurement in a mobile world.

95% of leading marketers agree with the statement that "to truly matter, marketing analytics’ KPIs must be tied to broader business goals."

That's one surprising finding from this new study that resulted from a partnership of eConsultancy and Google. The study shows how senior marketers have been adapting their marketing measurement to keep pace with changing (and increasingly mobile) consumer behavior.

Data must drive testing … and decisions

This study reveals that the market leaders — those who are succeeding beyond their business goals — share several things in common:

  • A focus on company-wide business metrics, like sales and profits, rather than on campaign metrics like clicks and single-channel conversions.
  • Fresh marketing measurement techniques that bridge gaps across devices and offline channels
  • A culture of testing and experimentation that helps them answer strategic questions and find new opportunities.


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Use marketing measurement to drive growth in a mobile world.

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