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Attribution 360 TV attribution.

With the potential to reach so many customers, it’s no wonder TV and radio still dominate marketing budgets. Even better, when today’s consumers are interested in mass media messages, they hop on a second screen to search or visit relevant sites. Do you know which of your channels most successfully leverages and motivate this new consumer behavior?

Digital + TV: better together.

Attribution 360 can show you what works across all channels. Analyzing data down to the minute allows Attribution 360 to determine relationships between broadcast ad airings and online engagement. You get actionable, cross-channel insights that empower you to improve campaigns — across broadcast and digital.

In this brief you’ll learn:

  • How digital and television data are correlated to reveal specific impacts
  • How granular insights by creative, daypart, and network are possible
  • How cross-channel cohesion can optimize broadcast and digital strategies
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Measure and optimize TV and radio.

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