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Optimizing against external factors.

It is tough enough to optimize cross-channel marketing by analyzing the myriad factors within your control. Considering external influencers — like seasonality, competition, exchange rates, or weather — makes it even tougher.

Marketers in many verticals such as retail, finance, travel and more, often struggle to determine how non-marketing factors influence their marketing efforts and efficiencies. How can you assess external factors beyond your control?

Embrace external factors.

The answer is a better marketing platform. Attribution 360's attribution and Marketing Mix Modeling models leverage big data to take all factors — even those beyond your control — into account.

In this whitepaper you’ll learn:

  • Key benefits of incorporating external factors into marketing performance management models
  • The critical influence external factors have on optimization insights
  • How Attribution 360 discovers and integrates external factor findings into attribution analysis for more accurate recommendations
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Incorporating external factors into marketing attribution and optimization models.

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