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Mobile optimized surveys put respondents first

Today’s consumers rely more and more on mobile. It makes sense to use mobile to gather insights from these consumers — especially if your brand is targeting early adopters and heavy technology users. How can you reach this valuable audience?

Target your audience in a few clicks.

Google Surveys lets you tap into the largest mobile-specific panel in operation. Easily target the demographics you want and get fast results with responses from users of the Google Opinion Rewards app.


In this feature brief you’ll learn how Google Surveys helps you:

  • Reach Android smartphone users who respond in exchange for Google Play credit.
  • Use additional Google Opinion Rewards targeting options like language, occupation, and more.
  • Get aggregated, analyzed results in a simple online interface.
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    Feature Brief

    Learn how Google Surveys helps you get insights from mobile respondents who tend to be early adopters and heavy technology users.

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