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Who will launch your culture of growth and optimization?

Most companies have at least a few people on staff who are optimizers by nature, by interest, or by experience. But what really improves customer experiences and moves the needle is when an entire company values insights over opinions.

You might be wondering what it takes to embrace test-and-learn best practices and build a growth culture focused on optimization within your organization. But a better question might be “who does it take?”

Spot the talent and get optimizing

In this article, Casey Carey, Director of Marketing for Google Analytics Solutions, shares three types of people who can help you improve your customer experiences and jumpstart your own growth culture. You’ll learn:


  • How to recognize and encourage your Pioneers, Champions, and X-teams
  • The personalities and perspectives each type brings to the table
  • The top three skills you can encourage to develop your own growth culture


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Get started on building your growth culture by encouraging the right people.

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