Display Ad Formats

Attract new customers with eye-catching ads. Great ad campaigns start with great ads. And with the Google Display Network, you can advertise in a variety of formats and sizes with text ads, static and animated image ads, rich media and video ads. You can also create your own in minutes using the display ad builder for free in Adwords tools.

Text Ads

  • Same as an ad on Google Search.
  • Includes a headline, two lines of text (35 characters each), and a URL.
  • Create a range of text ads to test which copy works the best.
Text Ads

Image Ads

These ads let you include relevant images, customized layouts, and background colors.

Image Ads

Rich Media Ads

  • Rich media ads are essentially image ads that have interactive elements, animations, or other aspects that can change depending on who is looking at the ad and how they interact with the ad.
  • Examples of rich media ads include: an ad with a carousel of products that moves; or an ad with animated layers that move into place.

See an example of a rich media ad.

Video Ads

Create an ad and embed a video that plays directly within it.

Because YouTube is included on the Display Network, you can use AdWords to place your ads next to YouTube videos. Find out more

Video Ads

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